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Best I phone Camera Apps
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Apple App Store is packed with millions of apps and daily thousands of new apps are uploaded to the store. Whenever you search for an app category on the App Store, multiple options come along that make it difficult for users to select one app. To clear this dilemma of users, last month Apple hosted an event in New York City where they shared the best iPhone, iPad and Mac apps in multiple categories. And, in the best camera app category – Spectre scored the highest. 

Spectre is an awesome camera app that is developed by Halide – yet another camera app on the App Store. This app has been given the position of the best camera app due to the simple user interface and fast speed. It is very simple to use the app as just below the viewfinder option, you will find multiple other buttons to adjust the camera position. Moreover, this app offers 3, 6 and 9 seconds of ample amount to click a beautiful picture. 

Overall, it is a very good iPhone camera app that comes with Apple’s recommendation. So, if you want to use this app to click some beautiful pictures of your friends and family, then you can follow these tips to use Spectre in a better way. 

Keep your iPhone and Hands Steady

This is a basic tip to click a perfect picture to keep your phone and hand steady. However, Spectre removes the chance of tripod to a high extent, but still, to get the perfect photo, you gotta keep your hands steady. This app works on artificial intelligence so it will automatically find the object for you, but just keep everything steady while clicking your picture. 

Use Exposure Slider Smartly 

The best thing about this app is that you can open Spectre slider anytime and anywhere. This will help you in adjusting the brightness level of the picture before clicking it. Especially when you are trying to click the picture in the busy street or crowded background, then you can blur the background using this simple exposure slider. To click object focused photos, this feature comes handy. 

Use 3-5 Second Speed 

If you want to create a ghost effect in your picture without removing people from the picture, then you can use the shutter speed option in the app. The option of shutter speed 3-5 Second will automatically create a ghost effect in your photo and blur things for you. This one of the awesome features of Spectre that make it stood in the top apps list of Apple. 

More than Long Exposure Photography 

Spectre isn’t the only app to simulate long-exposure photography. Adobe Lightroom CC for iOS and Android features a long-exposure mode as part of a “Technology Preview” that you can enable. It is a perfect app to click some professional-looking photos. 

Simpler App

Spectre is a simple app that can be used by anyone with minimal technical knowledge and photography skills. The sharp typeface and controls make the app convenient for selfie-takers and young travelers to create memories by clicking some still moments. 

Spectre is indeed a great app to click some awesome photographs using your iPhone, but if you want to use the services of this the best app, then you have to at least spend $1.9 monthly. So, if you have no problem with the budget, then you can truly download this Apple trusted photo app today.

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